The Ingredients

What is the Sweet as Pie Cooking Club?
The Sweet as Pie Cooking Club is for people who want to pick up or practice some culinary skills, want to find new favorite recipes, need some subject matter for their blog, need a new project, or are looking for a hobby to share with other people - basically, it's for anyone who's interested.  We're just people who like to cook, like to eat, and want to share that with the world in some kind of orderly fashion. 

How Does it Work?
At the beginning of every month, five members will each choose a different recipe for that month.  We'll post the recipe names and locations (cookbook and page number or link to website) on this blog.  Then, work your way through the recipes at any time during the month and blog or comment about each of your cooking experiences.  Participants can link their blog posts to the post on this site or leave a comment on the corresponding recipe post so others can read, enjoy, and learn from their experiences.  The members will take turn choosing recipes and we'll let you know when it's your turn to choose.  That's it.  You cook, you eat, you talk about it with others, and you get to try some new things in the process.   

What Do We Cook?
Anything!  We started out choosing recipes from The Pioneer Woman (including her first cookbook, her second cookbook, any recipe posted on her blog, and her Food Network recipes), but have decided to branch out and work some new styles into our mix.  So, feel free to pick a recipe from your favorite cookbook, your grandmother's recipe box, the back of the onion soup package, Pinterest, etc. - it's all fair game.  Just make sure you can provide or link to the recipe ingredients and instructions.

What Do You Need to Participate?
Access to a functional kitchen.  It's great if you have a blog and can write full posts with pictures about your cooking experiences, but it isn't necessary.  If you don't have a blog you can always just comment on the recipe post to share your thoughts. 

How Do I Join?
1.  E-mail the Club with your name (and a link to your blog if you have one) to join and get into the rotation for choosing recipes.
2.  Jump right in and start cooking and blogging/commenting!